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  1. I love Mike’s expressions in this comic. I feel like I can relate to him, too… I had a similar experience in high school with an online publisher. It turns out they sold your own published work back to you for $100 per book. Hopefully, Mike has a better experience than I had.

    • I had this happen once as well. Thankfully, I had other, legit publications to help salvage my pride. :/

      Don’t give him any money, Mike!!

    • Yep, mine only cost me $45 though. One or two of the other poems were worth reading… the rest… ehhh….

  2. Also, I bet he’d totally use green stuff instead of Sculpey! xD

  3. Insurance agents! My arch nemesiseseses… wait, how do you spell that?

  4. I know the feeling… Just like being offered a great-paying job only to find out that it is a network marketing venture.

    @Spicytacoman: I’m going to say “arch-nemeses”, but I have not sold insurance for more than 15 years now, so we should be okay :)

  5. Mike’s face makes me feel excited :D haha

  6. Yeah, I am currently out of work and I am amazed at the number of scammers out there this time around. I get a call every week from another one that wants me to get in on a multi-level marketing insurance deal.

  7. someone should remind Mike that you can’t be “discovered” until you actually have a demonstrable product or talent…

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