Hey, there’s a blue bitizen who looks familiar! 🙂

Tiny Tower is one of those games I’m not really sure I can recommend despite the fact that I’m obsessed with it. It’s an adorable and addictive free iOS game. But there’s not much to it. You build a tower composed of stores and residencies. Bitizens move in and you give them jobs, ideally ones fitting their skill levels, and hopefully you can land a few their dream job. You restock the stores, which in turn make you money, which you can use to build more floors. It also has the really devious option to buy more money with REAL money, allowing you to expand and build and sell faster. I can honestly say though that I’m not at all interested in spending any real money to that end. I’m mostly interested in seeing all the detailed bit-art that’s gone into this. And maybe getting some more kitties to move in. Kittizens?