I’m very glad to have work, but man I’ve been busy lately. The kind of busy where I just work and make comics and sleep and work and make comics and….Hey! When do I get to play games??? Oh yeah, I played Battleheart a little on the subway last week. I had a few days off a couple weeks ago…why didn’t I use it make all the comics ever and play all the games in the world???

Ah well. Maybe soon. I still haven’t even scratched the surface of Portal 2, as short as it is. I briefly logged on to the glorious Final Score Minecraft server a couple times and am eager to go back and explore all the crazy public works people have built there. And I tried Order and Chaos, the WoW clone MMO for iOS (supposedly out soon for Android?) for about an hour. I’m less eager to go back to that one and do another grindy wolf-ear collection quest, but I feel I haven’t given it much of a chance yet. Oh yeah, and WoW! I haven’t been to a guild run in weeks. I logged on for Childrens’ Quest and begrudgingly got the pets because I felt like my former self would furious at my present self if I did not. Since my time is precious I’ve become much less patient of grindy game activities and more interested in getting to the heart of the game. Hey….maybe that’s why they call it BattleHEART.

But enough about me. What about you?! Both batches of Blizzcon tickets went on sale and it looks like they’re sold out of course. I’m not going because I can’t personally justify the expense and time to go to the opposite coast for a convention for one company, but it sounds fun! If I lived in California I’d probably try to go. I always buy the digital version and watch it. So…are you going? I’m using a new poll thing, in a effort to speed the site load time. It even lets you input your own answer! So that way you don’t have to comment wondering why I didn’t include a really obvious answer choice, because you can write it in, woohoo!