Guys, I can’t recommend Battleheart enough, especially to an MMO-playing crowd. Or even to a crowd that doesn’t like MMO’s because they think there’s too much grinding and not enough fun stuff.

Battleheart is all fun stuff. More specifically, it’s all about the party combat mechanics. But before I get into that, first things first. This is a mobile game only atm, made by Mika Mobile. It’s a universal $2.99 iOS app, and according to the creator’s twitter, it was just released for Android. Sorry I haven’t found the price on that, but I’m assuming it’s the same.

I’m going to put it in my own words briefly, but I also refer you to this great Touch Arcade review that convinced me to buy it in the first place. Battleheart is an RPG combat game in which you control 4 heroes at a time. You can choose your party makeup, but like World of Warcraft, you’re going to probably find the best combo is a healer, a tank, and two DPS. I almost said you want one ranged and one melee, but I remembered my friend uses two ranged, so never mind! Try whatever combo you like.

There are no extra frills here – no walking around town to get quests, and no story to speak of. It’s all about the combat. You’re basically controlling a little MMO party all on your own. The touch controls work very well, and I love taking advantage of the bigger real estate on the iPad. Again, they keep it simple. Drag your finger from the unit to the monster you want her to attack. Drag to a spot on the field to make her move there. And drag from the healer to a friendly unit to give her a target to heal. With all this dragging going on I thought the game would be really annoying on the iPhone. But it’s not! Then again, I have small fingers. Your results may vary. I now have a separate team going on the iPhone so I can enjoy the game on the subway during my commute this week. (I find the iPad too bulky to deal with on rush hour NYC subways.) Straphangers, I find it a little hard to play without two free hands, so I don’t usually get it out unless I have a seat.

It’s got the usual RPG elements – you level as you go and gain better loot and spells, increasing the decisions you have to make, but never overwhelming you. You can hire well over 4 heroes from the tavern, so you can experiment with the various class/party makeup. The battles can get pretty tough as you advance, forcing you to be on your toes and aware of what every unit is doing and what kind of aggro they’re getting.

Part of me wants to see this game fleshed out with a story and quests. The art is adorable and I imagine it would be a really wonderful little world to inhabit. But that would go against the point of the game, which is to throw you into party combat. It forces you to immediately make decisions and avoids pushing you through the paces of just seeing content, something I feel too many games rely on lately.