I’m pleased to tell you that I had the distinguished honor of guesting on the latest Tall Tale Radio podcast, hosted by the best voice in the biz: Tom Racine. Every show he interviews a cartoonist of some sort, and this week he and I talked about my adventures in comcking, animating, and gaming. If you’ve never listened to his show, I recommend looking through the archives. You may find he’s interviewed your favorite cartoonist – or you may find some great new comics you didn’t know about!
Link to the Mary episode! I like the banner he made for it. Thanks, Tom!

Also! Sketch Sneak Peaks are back this week since I have a bit of a buffer again. Of only the rest of this week’s comics, but a buffer nonetheless! Woohoo! As you can see, it’s a lot of Lisa looking forlorn. Big thanks to John for helping take a lot of photo reference. I think my drawing kicks up a notch when I have photos to refer to for a pose here and there.

Ooh, and here are some little ink doodle sketches of Fitzgerald and Chloe and Bink. I posted them over on Varnacular.com but hey, it’s relevant to NPC, so why not here?