I don’t even really watch Smallville, but I’m a little sad about the finale tonight. It’s the end of an era. John, my boyfriend, hasn’t missed an episode, and I used to watch it with him. It was with us when we first met in 2002 and when we moved into our old apartment together. Tom Welling was a wee 25-year-old playing a high school Clark Kent in love with Lana Lang. On the WB!

I’ve cut down my tv-watching since, but I still walk in while John’s watching and make him tell me what’s going on. (I’m sure he loves that :D) It sounds like the show improved in the last season or so, and I kinda wished I had kept up on it. I’ll watch the two hour season finale for sure. If the now 34-year-old Welling doesn’t finally fly for real this time I’m gonna scream.

Do you watch Smallville? Are you watching the finale?


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