It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’m a fan of Scott Johnson’s work, both his comics and his podcasts. So I was thrilled this morning to briefly guest on his Morning Stream show, cohosted with the great Coverville’s Brian Ibbott. If you don’t already listen to the show, you can check out the episode I was onΒ here. I’m on around 21 minutes in, shortly after Scott calls Deanna Troi’s mom Roxanna. πŸ˜€

So crazy coincidence: TWiT Editor Tony got in touch with me over twitter about appearing on tonight’s TWiT FourCast podcast, also hosted by Scott Johnson, and one of my favorite tech news journalists, Tom Merritt! It’s a great podcast in which the guests (like me!) give three predictions, about the future of…..anything! I’ll be on tonight at 4PM PT/7PM ET, live. And there’s video! And I’m nervous! So come watch me be nervous on video at I’ll post the link when it’s available for download.