First: My thoughts are with those affected by the tsunami. I’m still having trouble comprehending it all. American Red Cross has a special fund for it now if you care to donate.

And now: I’m heading to PAX East tonight for fun and games. Just to attend, not to exhibit. Say hi if you see me! I, um, guess I look like my Twitter avatar and I’ll probably be with a handsome man sporting a giant brown-red beard.

Couldn’t resist leaving you with these two tidbits.

John, (brown-red beard guy) IMed me this and I had to share.

Maevrim posted this in the comments, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it…especially Chloe and Bink! 🙂 You may say, Mary, you’re vegan! You shouldn’t post ads of milk! And I say to you…it should really be an ad for chicken hearts. Do cats REALLY like milk?