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I’m gone for nearly every weekend in March, so I’m building a March buffer, and it feels good to be so far ahead. Takes the pressure off a little and allows me to do better work. I think.

Hey, thank you guys for the super nice comments you’ve been leaving on the NPC-is-2-years-old-now post. It’s very heart-warming.

Also! Are you reading Bug? Adam Huber makes this very funny gag-a-day comic, and he leaves lovely thank-you notes to me in blog.

And Finally. I’m very disheartened about the news of the most recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. I had the pleasure of visiting that beautiful city in 2008, and am so sorry to hear of the mounting death toll and damage. Hundreds of residents are in shelters now. You can donate to the New Zealand Red Cross here if you like.