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The vast majority of you are not trying DCUO. Not surprising, given the time and money investment required for a new MMO. And the fact that it isn’t the hotly anticipated Guild Wars 2 or Star Wars: The Old Republic. Oh, and have you heard? A little thing called Cataclysm might be keeping people busy lately.

Whether or not you’re playing DCUO, I recommend checking out Nicole Spagnuolo’s write up on it.

The MMOing in public crowd just barely eeked out the non-public crowd. Looks like the number one location of choice is on school grounds. What surprised me is that bar/cafe/restaurant trailed not too far behind! I never see that here. Maybe NYC cafes are too packed for someone to comfortably set up for 4 hours on a game and not get glared at? Or maybe I’m just not going to the right ones.

Not many people let us know where there mystery “Not listed here” locations are. I’m still wondering….