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59 comments! Lots of discussion on the various tipping practices around the world.

The #1 most commented on blog post of 2010, at 89 comments, is Poll: Is it Harder Being a Guy Gamer or Girl Gamer? It got a little heated at points, but for the most part this was a lively and interesting conversation!

I thought about doing this series as the most popular comics by number of pageviews, but I’ve had so many new readers this year going through the archives that the pageview counts are highest at the beginning of the year and gradually taper off. However, there were two that topped them all because they were widely linked. Those were iWarm and Hardware Check!

Thanks for a great year everyone! I can’t wait to share a whole new year of NPC comics with you and hopefully kick off some more great discussions!

*I tallied these Dec 26 – I’m guessing the comment counts will go up slightly, but this is just for fun!*