Cataclysm is finally here! Some of you may have played already in the wee hours of the night, some of you may be playing now, and others like myself won’t be playing until tonight after work. Oh yeah, and others of you don’t play WoW and I’m sure are a little annoyed at all the hype. All I can say to you is, sorry, and bear with us. We are excited. Excited!

I feel a little unprepared for this day. I didn’t do everything I wanted to in the Wrath era. I never leveled another character to 80. I completed Loremaster of EK and Kalimdor, but not of Outland, and I only have a few more quests to go in Storm Peaks for the Northrend version. But I had a good time nonetheless, and I’m excited to explore the content. My hopes going into this expansion are that I stay on top of current content as best I can, and spend more time in battlegrounds. I really enjoy those. I’m a little overwhelmed with everything else I’d like to do, but I’ll focus on those two for now.

So what are your Cataclysm goals? Has anyone leveled yet???