I’m super excited to announce that I’m selling the first stand alone NPC print that isn’t a comic! Ok, it’s derived from a comic…but I added two more dances (ahem, Worgen and Goblin!!!) to the mix, and repurposed it to fit well as a lovely 11″x17″ vertical print! Like the comic prints, this is signed and comes with a Chloe and Bink button – which features their old designs, and you know what that means…no reprints! Once those buttons are gone, they’re GONE.

Not only that, but I made NPC’s first Shop page! You can go there to nab the print, and check back in the early months of 2011 for more stuff.

If you’re ordering for the holidays and want to get it in time for Christmas, you might want to order soon. And remember, when you combine an order of two or more prints, you only get charged once for shipping. Thanks guys, and Happy December!