It’s Thanksgiving here in the US, so I’d like to take this blog space to give my thanks.

I’m thankful to you, my wonderful and supportive readers, who make me laugh and keep me excited to continue making this comic.

I’m thankful to my boyfriend John, who gives me so much love and support while I work late on comics, and who enjoys being a kid with me.

I’m thankful to my parents and my brother, who all get me, love me, support me, and play WoW with me.

I’m thankful to my friends, who expose me to wonderful new things all the time.

I’m thankful I recently won an iPad.

I’m thankful I have a job that’s supposed to last 11 months, when most of my jobs last a week.

I’m thankful for the city I live in and thankful I can afford to live here.

I’m thankful for patch 4.03a and iOS update 4.2.

I’m thankful Portal 2 isn’t too far away.

I’m thankful to care for two beautiful cuddly kitties who keep me company and make me laugh.

And much more.