A few weeks ago, I completed Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, the achievement that required Alliance players to complete 700 quests throughout the Eastern Kingdoms continent of Azeroth. (I believe the count is different for the Horde.) On Sunday I finished off the Kalimdor version of the achievement. It was a chore that at times I regretted getting myself into, but in the end it was a nice way to see the World of Warcraft before it is forever fractured.

Before today.

Grinding through Loremaster gave me an appreciation for the old world I didn’t previously have. And it gave me some insight into quests designed for players who took a much longer time to level, and for whom the end game was approaching at level 55.

But it also made me realize that I’m ready for a change. A big one. Can you imagine what an expansion would be like if Deathwing DIDN’T cause major upheaval throughout the old world? If we still had to run the long road from Auberdine to Ashenvale to progress our level 17 night elf? To grind another lowly alt through the gloomy wasteland of Desolace? On LAND mounts?? No thanks.

The last thing Fenwick did in the old world was finally defend Stormwind from the elemental attacks she kept missing all week. The first thing she’ll do in the new world is run out of the front gates and to Westfall to witness the changes there, and then on to Dun Morogh to see what’s happening with her gnomish brothers and sisters. And then the rest of the world of course.

What’s the last thing you did in the old world? What’s the first thing you’ll do in the new one?