Blizzard posted an FAQ about the digital version of the Cataclysm expansion today. If you order it the data will start downloading once it’s available, and theoretically you should be able to play at 12:01 AM PST Dec 7 in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. Europe and Russia will be set at 12:01 AM CET Dec 7.

The PST part means us East Coasters can’t play until 3am.

But it’s still very tempting to not have to wait for a package or go to a midnight release.

John and I both preordered the Collector’s Edition from Amazon. I’m a little nervous about it, as it STILL says it won’t deliver until a week AFTER Dec 7. *grump* Hopefully that’ll get sorted out. But I sure don’t want to be punished by having to wait a few days after spending $80. And we sure don’t need two art books sitting around. But we both definitely want the Lil’ Deathy pet!

So what are you guys doing?