Wow, water in zero G is nerdy and cool at the same time!  Skip to 2:04 if you want to go straight to the alka seltzer tablet. I googled this after hearing it talked about on one of my favorite podcasts, Buzz Out Loud.

Two interesting bits of WoW news this week. First, WoW has reached 12 million players! It’s kinda hard to believe that it would achieve such a milestone in the lull before the expansion, but then again, the fact that everything is going to change has me playing more than ever lately. Maybe some newbies wanted to hop in and see the sights of Old Azeroth while they could. This comic is officially rendered obsolete.

Then there’s the 600 member cap on guilds. I have to admit that this doesn’t affect me. I think there are exactly four active people in my guild right now, no kidding. But I feel for the big guilds like AIE and the WoW Insider guild. It’s weird though – all this talk of large guilds has got me wanting to join one. Maybe not a mega 600+ one, but it’d be nice to be in a big ol’ casual guild. I’m thinking that when I finish loremaster on my main I’ll reward myself by starting a toon on Zangarmarsh and join one of the It Came From the Blog WoW Insider Guilds. Robin Torres put forward a plan of how they’ll break off into smaller guilds to accommodate the new hard cap. Sounds like a good place to level a goblin!

Any readers members of mega guilds? Has your guild put forth a plan of action?