I was going to write about another game of yesteryear – Gruntz. So I went digging around to see if I still had the cd. I didn’t find it. But I did find some 3 1/2 inch old floppy discs I thought were pretty funny. Floppies will always be funny. Their adorable name and laughably small 1.44 MB space will always hold a special place in my heart.

Couldn't Find Yoda

The first thing I discovered upon rummaging through the 13 year-old discs was this nice little note from my mom. Hi Mom! She couldn’t find Yoda! She was referring to Yoda Stories, an old Lucas Arts game. And no, I never found it. I wish they’d publish a version for the iPhone. It wasn’t the greatest game, but I’d love to mess around with it again.


Hey look! I found my old Lode Runner discs! I had them after all! I even have my old laptop somewhere. If I dig that out and it still works, I might just be able to play this.
But I doubt it’ll work on Windows 7, just as the version kindly emailed to me by a reader doesn’t. I need to figure out an emulator!

Simcity 2000

These must have cities on them. Wonderful cities! Think of all the little sims trapped on this disc. Before Civ 2, SimCity 2000 was my computer game of choice. I always tried to make the perfect city: no cars, only subways. You’d think that would have tipped me off that I’d end up living in NYC. But cities don’t work that way in real life, nor did they in SimCity. Sigh…

Star Wars Sounds

If you ever doubted my geek cred, I’m guessing this may refute those silly doubts. I had this small treasure trove of Star Wars sound bites to use for various functions on my laptop. R2-D2 bleeping meant I had mail.