We started day 2 of “the best four days in gaming” with a workshop on making a chainmail dice bag. I’m not a super crafty person, and I’ve never made chainmail before, but I really enjoyed this. It was very zen to sit there making a little pattern of rings. But hard enough to not be boring. I can’t imagine making entire tunics of this – it must take forever! Since I don’t LARP or cosplay, I’ll happily stick to making dice bags and any other small useful thing I can think of. I didn’t finish mine, but look forward to finding some time during tv shows when I can.


The beginnings of my chainmail dice bag.

By the way, when I say “we,” I’m referring to my boyfriend John, our good friends and DnD cohorts Steve and Stacey, and myself. John and I had a great time just the two of us last year, but it’s double the fun having our friends along. Gaming is best shared with friends and family!

After the dicebag workshop, Stacey and I booked it over to the Wil Wheaton panel while the boys did something-or-other. My only exposure to Wil Wheaton has been Star Trek, his twitter feed, and his small parts in The Guild. (I know, I know, I don’t watch Big Bang Theory! I should.) But I’m definitely going to start following his blog and possibly getting some of his books. His panel was funny and touching. He read a few of his short stories that were memoirs of his experiences with gaming, especially as they related to his wife and kids. He received a lot of well-deserved laughter, applause, and I suspect a few tears. I recorded the audio on my iPhone – maybe I’ll post it next week.


I painted a mini!

Our next event was beginning miniature painting. Another great little class, especially since I’ve never tried it at all. Pictured above is my first attempt.

Since we were worried about the dealer hall being swamped tomorrow, Saturday, we spent the late afternoon getting loot. I got a female halfling mini I plan on painting and using for our DnD runs, some awesome Steampunk dice from the Q-Workshop.com booth, and this crazy rubber dragon I can wear on my arm or shoulder (RToriginals.com). And John has us very well covered in the game department. I’m not even sure of everything he picked up yet. Oh, and the WoW TCG is letting everyone get free loot cards! Just spin a wheel and see what you get. I spun well and landed on the “rare cards!” So I got to blindly choose from 9 cards – and I got the Red Bearon mount! Some guy was telling me to sell it, but I’m totally gonna use it.


I might have to go back to this booth for more awesome dice. BECAUSE I NEED THEM.

So it’s weird, but we only did one game today! And it was a great one: Pitch Car! Pitch Car is a dexterity racing game in which you flick your car, a small wooden disk, along a track. We had about 8 people playing on a few fairly large track. It’s fast paced and really fun, especially thanks to the gerat guys running it.. Lots of laughter and groans and clapping and cheering for each other. A great way to end day 2!

John, Steve, and me playing Pitch Car

John, Steve, and me playing Pitch Car