It’s the end of Day 1 and I’m already delightfully exhausted.


We started the day at 8am with a match of giant Settlers of Catan. Which I won – It’s all about the longest road!


Then we moved into the dealer’s hall at opening, where I bought the first Looking For Group book from the Blind Ferret guys, and demoed a couple Mayfair games: Tsuro and a card game, Whammy. Both fun and fast and easy to get into.


After lunch we took a class on sculpting with green stuff to make miniatures. The guy running it, Joe Orteza, has made some amazing figures. He showed us a few introductory techniques.


Then came my favorite part of the day: a nearly four hour rpg session using the Fudge system. The GM was great. He was one of the writers for and the book, Eureka, from which he ran our little horror adventure. I wound up with my arm cut off and getting impaled with an evil bone that turned me into a demon monster. Good times! This was my first experience with Fudge, and I hope it isn’t the last. It seemed to embody the chance of DnD, but much simpler, leaving a lot more concentration for the story. It must be growing in popularity – all the dice vendors in the dealer’s hall were already sold out of Fudge dice!

Once we were done with our tale of horror, we grabbed dinner and then hit up True Dungeon. I had done a True Dungeon mini-quest before, but this was a full on two hour event. Think DnD in a haunted house. There are lots of puzzles to solve, and the dragon killed everyone in the end.

Thus ends our first full day at GenCon. I love the non-stop gaming. Ready for more tomorrow!