We arrived in hot and sticky downtown Indianapolis around 2pm on Wednesday, in anticipation of one of the biggest table-top gaming conventions in the world: GenCon Indy. Since the con hasn’t officially started yet, we didn’t do any actual gaming yet, beyond Plants vs Zombies and Phoenix Wright on our iPhones while travelling.
But soon! We get up early tomorrow to start our gaming off right with a match of giant Settlers of Catan.

Above is our hotel, the Crowne Plaza. It’s in a converted train station. There are rooms in that train car! Not ours though, unfortunately.

Apparently the World of Warcraft TCG championships are taking place here!

There was at least one Gen Con event today: a fun little mixer called The Stink. Also in a train station!

Relaxed in the evening with beer and grub from The Ram, which was all decked out in RPG banners. Great beer. And great reminder of how stupidly expensive my hometown of NYC can be.