I was going to do a big post about the results from last week’s poll, but thanks to Blizzard’s fast action on behalf of the outcries about Real ID forum names, there’s not much need. The vocal majority did not want real names in the official forums, and the poll here was no exception. I closed the poll, and you can check out the results yourself here.

But it got me wondering about Real ID in general. Sure, it won’t be required to post in the forums anymore, but it still exists. I have yet to friend anyone with it. If I do, I think I’m gonna limit it to my family. (I always like to remind you that my Mom, Dad, and brother play WoW. :)) Have you guys been using Real ID to keep in touch with WoW friends? Do you like it? Does it ruin the immersion? Feel free to use the comments to talk about it, whether it’s touched on in the following poll or not.