The World of Warcraft blogosphere exploded with discussion about Real ID during the past few days, and it’s time to hitch NPC to that bandwagon. Not for the sake of hitching, but rather because I’d love to know what you NPC readers think of the fact that in the near future, you will be required to disclose your full name in order to post on the official Blizzard forums. I realize a lot of you don’t play WoW, but I bet you still have an opinion about it. And remember, this affects ALL Blizzard games….Star Craft 2, anybody?

I first read the news on I’ll discuss my thoughts along with the poll results next week.

[poll id=”13″]

*UPDATE* Blizz CEO Mike Morhaime just announced that, in thanks to feedback from people like you, they decided NOT to go forward with requiring our real names to be revealed when we post on the official forums. Woohoo! Feel free to continue discussing and voting in the poll.