Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably heard that the Electronic Entertainment Expo took place in Los Angeles last week. Briefly, the highlights:

The Xbox motion sensor formerly known as Project Natal finally got an official name. It releases November 4, 2010, retails at $149.99, and doesn’t require players to hold any controller.
The tech behind it is explained here. I’m a little worried my cats will “steal my focus.”

The new Xbox 360:
You can now buy the new Xbox 360, which comes with wifi and 250GB of hard drive space, runs quieter, and looks sleeker. Retails for $299.

Nintendo 3DS:. Nintendo CEO Iwata revealed the previously announced 3DS, which features more advanced graphics than the current DSi, and most notably can display games in 3D without the need for glasses. I haven’t touched my DS much since I got my iPhone last year, but I have to admit that I may buy this. Like the DSi, this latest iteration features a camera – but adds a second one so you can both take and view 3D photos on the device! Gimmicky, I KNOW. But it might just be a gimmick that works on me. Plus he announced 3D movies will be available on it. We’ll see. No release date or price point yet.

PlayStation Move: Sony’s motion control wand got game details and release info. North American release is Sept 19 2010. It’s cheaper than Kinect, but there are three pieces to buy: the motion controller ($49.99), the navigation controller (like the nun-chuck for the Wii, $29.99), and the PlayStation Eye webcam, which has been available for a while and you may already have. ($32.82 on Amazon right now.) There will of course be bundles.

The Games:
Ok, I’m not going over all the games. But here are a few that jumped out at me:

Portal 2!!! It was trotted out as being available on the PS3, in addition to other systems.
Two more Professor Layton games
Battlestar Galactica free-to-play browser based MMO
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – the first Zelda game designed for the Wii from the ground up.

Booth Stud Watch:
The booth babes were out in force, but unfortunately, I found no news on equally scantily clad Booth Studs/Hunks/Boys. I offer the usual boo/hiss at this oversight, and ask you, dear readers, to please post links in the comments proving the presence of Booth Studs. Booth kitties also welcome. Porn links not welcome.

What were your personal highlights of this year’s E3? Who impressed you the most? What games are you most looking forward to getting your hands on? What games are making you think, “How in hot heck did Mary miss that???” And why is “hot heck” in your inner vocabulary?