My DnD group just finished our first campaign together. For a couple of us, myself included, it was our first tabletop RPG experience ever. Hopefully our rag tag crew of level 4 heroes will go on new adventures soon, but until then, I had some thoughts regarding the different gaming experiences I get from DnD and WoW.

DnD vs WoW

How DnD is better than WoW:

1) The Snacks. Vat of Hummus

I don’t have a snack ritual for WoW. I just, you know, eat stuff like normal to ensure I’m not a hungry gamer. But whether we order out or make food or a combination of the above, snacks are always an integral part of playing DnD. They determine the breaks, give us stuff to talk about and do between turns, and they are YUMMY. DnD is possibly the only game I associate food with.

2) The Unknown.

If I’m going into a raid or a 5-man I’ve never been to before in WoW, I better read up on how each boss fight is gonna go so I’m prepared. But DnD? Nope. None of that. No peaking at the Monster Manual! (Depending on your DM.) We walk into a new room and have no idea what will jump out at us. We figure out tactics on the fly, find and exploit weaknesses, and solve puzzles. And then we don’t repeat it, because there are always new adventures and lands and dungeons to go explore!

3) The Face Time. (Ugh, is that term trademarked by Apple now?)

This one probably goes without saying, but I just can’t leave it out. Getting together, face-to-face, with friends for the common goal of fun and conquest is awesome.

How WoW is better than DnD:

1) Math. Lack of.

Unless you’re so heavily into theorycrafting that you’re actually making spreadsheets instead of just plugging numbers into them, you don’t really need to do math in WoW. Not with the regularity of DnD math. Of course, math in DnD isn’t hard, and it’s probably helping us keep dementia from aging at bay. And there’s a certain charm to adding die rolls together and knowing how all the stats work to make you awesome. But there’s something to be said for not having to do math every time you make an attack.

2) It’s faster.

DnD can be slow. Sometimes too slow, especially in this age of short attention spans. WoW is fast and snappy. You’re in and out of a raid in a matter of hours. It took many 5-8 hour sessions to get through our DnD dungeon. And that leads into the last point…..

3) You don’t have to coordinate schedules to play WoW.

You can log in whenever you want. You don’t have to email back and forth with all 25 people you raid with to see what works best for them. The guild sets a raid time and people show up. Our DnD group didn’t meet in May at all because we couldn’t find a time all of us could get together for a 5-hour stretch.