The Geekercise poll is now closed and the results are in! Thanks to all 919 of you who voted!
Geekercise Poll
So there’s a fairly strong contingent of geekercisers here when you add together the “I do alright”s, the sports players, and the workout junkies: 33% in total! And I suspect the “I could do better”s are at least getting some exercise, er, geekercise. I put myself squarely in that group, although if I can keep up my current rate of working out for the next month then I might graduate into the “I do alright” group.

Some of the comments reminded me that I should give Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution a chance. I used Wii Fit a few times for the novelty of it when we first got it and now the balance board is collecting dust. And I’ve never tried DDR, and I really should because I love dancing!

One of my first gaming experiences was with the Power Pad on the NES. My friends and I played the olympics game that came with the NES Power Pad bundle. But like most people we found that using our fists to pound the pad as fast as we could was more effective than doing it the right way.

So in short, good job Geekercisers! Just don’t grow any mutant arms or get involved with cultist mice.