Clocking in at 1028 votes and 83 comments (at the time of this writing), this poll was by far the most controversial one I’ve run. Obviously the answer is based on your own subjective experiences and is different for everyone. In short, there is no right answer.
Here’s what we can extrapolate from the poll results:

1) Most of the voters think it’s harder being a guy gamer, and many commenters cited the negative stereotypes of being holed up in the parents’ basement.

2) Most of the voters are guys. (Well they identified as such anyway, and I’m gonna take their word for it.)

3) Most people voted for their own gender as being the harder of the two. Some commenters cited in-game excessive flirting and sexist remarks.

I finally voted at the last minute. I went with it’s harder for girls. I kind of hate voting that way, because I don’t think all gamer girls, nor maybe even most of them, have a rough go at it. But personally, I get a little lonely sometimes. The gaming world still tends to feel like a bit of a boy’s club. I don’t blame anyone for that though, and some of that might just be in my head.

But enough of this talk of hardship. Gaming is fun! Honestly, the hardest thing about being a gamer for me lately was that stupid last level of Plants vs. Zombies. And I beat it.