In the recent NPC comic, They Meet Again, the characters bring up the debate: Is it harder being a guy gamer or a girl gamer? There’s some good discussion on this topic in the comments, but I want to hear from more of you. So it’s poll time! Taking into consideration the various societal expectations, stereotypes, and demand in the dating pool, what do you think is harder – being a girl gamer or a guy gamer? And let’s assume that in this one instance by “gamer” I mean someone who’s into more than playing solitaire on their phone. (Nothing wrong with that though!) Despite the alt-text on They Meet Again, I’m gonna have to think about how I answer this myself. On the one hand, it certainly doesn’t seem as socially acceptable for me to be into video games as it is for my boyfriend. On the other hand, I could totally make money by playing video games because of the sheer demand for girl gamers! Oh, but wait, that’s kind of weird being fetishized like that!  I could go back and forth like this all day. So please, tell me the answer.