Plants vs Zombies is a pretty easy tower defense game, as tower defense games go. But HOLY CRAP the difficulty jumps up at the very last level. I really want to beat it so I can move on to trying for achievements and such, but every time I try, I lose, get frustrated, and play The Creeps! instead.

If you haven’t played through Plants vs Zombies and don’t want to know anything about the last level, I suggest you don’t read the following. It contains ****SPOILERS!****

The Zombies Ate Your Brains!Ok, so you’re still with me. Then you probably know that in the last level, an ugly dude controlling a giant robot appears, unleashing the usual zombie onslaught, along with some new dangers, like camper vans and ice and fire balls. I think his name is Dr. Zomboss. This is one of those levels where you don’t worry about making sunshine, and available defenses just roll up on the left side. The thing is, I think I’m doing everything right. I’m saving my ice shrooms and jalapeño peppers for the fire balls and ice balls respectively. I heard that if you use the ice shrooms as soon as he bends down to freeze him, you can have more time to hit him. But when I do that I run out of ice shrooms and don’t have them when I need them. Gah! I hates it. I got really far tonight right before writing this, got to where the green bar at the top was nearly full. But some stupid giant zombie got me. How do you kill the giant zombies in this level anyway? The jalapeños don’t work on them, so I guess the only thing to do is freeze them with an ice shroom I no longer have while pummeling them with a melon I also NO LONGER HAVE. They were all squished by a camper van or stolen by a bungee zombie.

So yeah. That’s my rant of frustration. I still love the game and only blame myself for not yet beating it. Well, myself and Dr. Zomboss. If you have any tips please feel free to share them in the comments.