Poll: Openness about Gaming Habits

Wow, the latest NPC poll turnout nearly doubled the previous record, clocking in at 838 votes! To the question “How open are you with your coworkers about your gaming habits?” most of you (367 to be exact) answered “I’ll talk about it if it comes up.” I count myself in this category as well. Freelancing frequently places me in different work situations, and each one has its unique social culture. If it comes up in conversation at work because someone plays, then obviously I’ll eagerly let them know I play too. The trick though is if it’s brought up in a negative light – maybe someone is poking fun at gamers (which I feel a lot of people are socially conditioned to do to a certain degree.) Then I’m a little hesitant. Not only do I not want to be the big nerd, but I don’t want to make them feel awkward for having just made fun of my hobby. These days, however, it comes up because of the comic, and the variable is how I present it: self-deprecating or matter-of-fact.
Thanks to everyone who voted and commented! I find all this fascinating, and appreciate your input.