Whether it was forum puzzles or a new Matchmaking Service, a Battle.net Neural Interface costing $14,999, the new Equipment Potency Equivalent Number, or the new armory characters, Blizzard kept at least some of us entertained yesterday. And they weren’t the only ones. The Google logo was….different, Amazing Super Powers replaced their home page with audio renditions of their comics (screen-capped here since I knew it wouldn’t last, but the comedy gold is in those audio files), and Think Geek had their store stocked with fake but very inspired goodies. Felicia Day even got in on the action by announcing a new animation deal: Lil’ Guildies. WoW.com went all out for the day, announcing that their corporate overlords, AOL, was pushing them in a new direction. Every two hours in fact. They started the day as Mass Effect Insider (I missed that one!), then quickly underwent the following changes: Twilight Insider, Gaga Insider, Muscle March Insider, Farmville Insider, Plants vs Zombies Insider, and finally, Saturn Six Insider, the news site dedicated to bringing you the latest from Blizzard’s new MMO. I screen capped them so I could enshrine the hilarious photoshop work on the logos and and links, but you can still check out the individual posts on the site. Twilight Insider was my favorite, and included an announcement about the new Twilight graphic novel.

But alas, if Twitter is any indication, yesterday’s shenanigans were not for everyone. So I ask you dear readers, what did you think?