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Image courtesy of Z-Man Games

Image courtesy of Z-Man Games

Pandemic is a cooperative game in which you and your fellow players team up to eradicate the threat of four deadly global diseases. Each teammate plays one of 5 randomly chosen characters, each with their own unique abilities: Dispatcher, Scientist, Medic, Researcher, and Operations Expert. Every round more disease spreads, as you race to discover cures by traveling the world, using a simple system of cards and tokens A lot of luck is involved, but it’s up to you to come up with the best strategy using your team’s given abilities and situation. The game is fun, but HARD. I’m sorry world, but we regularly succumbed to pandemic while playing leisurely over the Thanksgiving holiday last year. Fortunately the game is fast enough that a loss isn’t too discouraging. Instead it would embolden us to try again, until we were victorious. I sometimes dislike co-op games because they don’t feed my competitive hunger, but the ease and quickness of this game make up for that.


Play Time: 60 minutes

Number of Players: 2-4. BGG users recommend 4, and I agree, though 3 and even 2 is fun too!

Suggested age: 10 and up.

Designer: Matt Leacock

Artist: Joshua Cappel (graphics and illustration), Régis Moulun (cover painting)

Published: 2008, by Z-Man Games, among others.

Buy: I found it on Amazon for $27.