Skeksis Kitty

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NPChloe is the weekly inward musings of one pensive and culture-loving feline, Chloe. The words and art below have been ripped directly from her diary and spread out on the internets here for all to see.
I recently sat down to watch the 1982 Jim Henson film the Dark Crystal. Wow, what a beautiful world! It was refreshing to see such wonderful design and imagination all brought to life via puppets and sets and matte paintings. A dying art, no doubt, in this age of computer graphics. I was particularly drawn to the Skeksis, the reptile-like bird villains. Or are they bird-like reptiles? I couldn’t help but think of the Arakkoa in World of Warcraft. I looked it up later and apparently the Skeksis were Blizzard’s inspiration for those Outland bird baddies! I sketched a Skeksis, adding kitty ears and whiskers. While the feline additions are undoubtedly an improvement to this intriguing race, I’m not entirely happy with my sketch. Perhaps more study is needed.
Bink came in the room about mid-way through the film. I fully expected him to make some sarcastic remark and then leave, but instead he sat down and watched the rest in silence. I even think he was a little scared by the Skeksis.