Boardom is the regular blog feature in which Mary geeks out on table top games.
Small World is a beautiful and fun civilization game that I was first introduced to at the 2009 Gen Con Indy. It has some fantasy RPG elements I found appealing, and the art is so gorgeous, I often find myself picking up tokens and examining them, when I should be examining my strategy instead. The object of the game is to be the player at the end with the most points, which are gained by controlling territory. To start, each player chooses a race and power combination. For instance, you might wind up with Flying Halflings, Swamp Ratmen, or Pillaging Amazons. The combos that are available to you at a given time are random, but it’s up to you to pick the one you find most advantageous. Small World has a nice balance of strategy, luck, and player interaction. If you want, you can take strategy to the max, thinking through the possible scenarios before you. Or you can relax a little and go on instinct and still be in for a fun time. It really depends on who you’re up against. 🙂


Play Time: 80 minutes

Number of Players: 2-5. BGG users recommend 4. I’ve most often played it with 4, and I agree that seems ideal. Still, the 2-player version isn’t shabby, and it’s great to have to that available for couples.

Suggested age: 8 and up. I played with two different kids – a 10-year-old and 12-year-old, and while they enjoyed it, they needed a little guidance.

Designer: Philippe Keyaerts

Artist: Miguel Coimbra

Published: 2009, by Days of Wonder, Edge Entertainment

Buy: The game retails for $50 on the Days of Wonder website, but I recommend looking on Amazon or Thought Hammer for a better deal. And don’t forget about your local friendly board game store.