peddlefeetI love the world events in WoW. They always get me in the game no matter how busy I am. It’s that feeling that something special is going on for a limited time that really sucks me in. I’m so close to completing the Meta achievement: What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been, but I got goofed up last year when I was in living in Los Angeles and my laptop broke during Children’s Week. I hope to rectify that unfortunate situation this year.
Out of all of the events, I hated Love is in the Air the most. Loads of players had trouble getting enough Bag of Candies to drop to get the Be Mine! achievement done. I got lucky and got everything I needed for the Love Fool title. But flirting with guards every hour just didn’t do it for me, and despite my diligent checking in every hour, on the hour, the Truesilver Shafted Arrow that summons the permanent Peddlefeet pet never dropped for me. I’m a pretty avid pet collector, so I was sorely disappointed.
So of course I’m so glad to see the retooling of the Valentine’s themed event this year. No more checking in every hour. Now we can acquire charms on our own time, which we turn into bracelets, which we turn in for Love Tokens, which we use to buy stuff – like the Truesilver Shafted Arrow! I should finally be able to get my Peddlefeet pet tonight. Best of all, the charms can be gotten by killing any mob that isn’t gray for you. This has really encouraged me to finally do those Sons of Hodir dailies to get my rep up to exalted, since I have the added incentive of the charms dropping.
And then of course there’s the new boss fight which drops epic necklaces, an interesting new pet, and the most rockin’ mount in the game. I’ll be trying for the mount every night if I can, but I won’t get too bent out of shape if I don’t get it. After two years of fighting the Brew boss daily with no mount to show for it, I’ve learned my lesson in handling disappointment. We did the fight yesterday and saw neither the pet nor the mount drop. has a great guide to the updated event.
Are you participating in the Love is in the Air this year?