I don’t follow football. There. I said it. Surprised? Probably not. I fit all the the classic stereotypes of someone who doesn’t watch sports. Geek? Check. Girl? Check. Liberal urban vegan? Or as my dad would affectionately say, “hippie commie pinko?” Check.

Not that there aren’t liberal urban vegan geeky gamer chicks out there who DO follow football, I’m just saying, you know, you’re probably not surprised that I don’t. My mom and brother don’t either, so my poor dad is often alone in his enthusiastic outcries against referees or cheers for his favored team.

But once a year, Super Bowl Sunday comes around, and I find myself at a chili party, or hosting a chili party, since our friends seem to think it’s a crime to not put our oversized 55″ HD TV to good use. I look into the teams, I remember how the rules work from my junior-high dance team days, and sort of kind of care for a few hours. Though honestly the big draw card for me are the commercials. I just love seeing what businesses deemed worth millions of dollars for the air time.

This year, however, we might actually be skipping it. The chili party friends aren’t having their party this year, and our friends seem more interested in watching the Puppy Bowl. I can catch the commercial highlights on YouTube. So I’m either having friends over to watch the Puppy Bowl or playing World of Warcraft (leveling my deathknight) or playing Star Trek Online (leveling my liberated Borg engineer.)