mouseNPChloe is the weekly inward musings of one pensive and game-loving feline, Chloe. The words and art below have been ripped directly from her diary and spread out on the internets here for all to see.

I’m slightly embarrassed that Bink found me out, but I refuse to feel ashamed! I’m merely fostering a positive body image through exercise. The fact that I enjoy exercising with mice is evidence of my mature attitude towards our natural prey. Bink just sees everything in black and white, that bonehead. We’re not talking now. I realize that reconciliation should be attempted, how could I possibly forgive him? He ate one of my new friends!

Speaking of my new friends, I’ve noticed them acting a little…strangely. I’ve been training them to operate the keyboard part of playing World of Warcraft, and they aren’t taking to it very easily. They usually just do aerobics on the keyboard or stand still and stare off into space. It’s a little eerie actually. I tried to capture the blank look in a drawing, but I don’t think I quite mastered the exact feeling of chills down the tail their odd looks give me. We have another raid tonight on the druid, so I better go get them in tip-top condition.