Boardom is the regular blog feature in which Mary geeks out on table top games.


Eat poop, you cat! is my new favorite party game. I played it two Saturday nights in a row, the first at a friend’s birthday gathering, and the second at our place for a board game night. It requires only paper, writing utensils, and your own creativity. A stop watch helps too (or in our case, an iPhone). Here are the rules. Everyone gets a sheet of paper and a writing utensil. We happen to have a lot of legal (8.5″ x 14″) size paper laying around, and we found that to be the perfect size, since we wound up using its entire length. But regular letter size paper is fine. A lot of us preferred pencils to pens, and that’s really up to the individuals.

Ok. Once everyone has what they need, each person makes up a sentence and writes it down. A sentence like, say, “Eat poop, you cat!” They pass the sentence to the person on their right, who then proceeds to draw a picture of the sentence. It’s good to set a time limit on this part. We did four minutes. Once everyone is done drawing, fold the sentence back so it can’t be seen, and pass to the next person, who writes a sentence based on what they see in the drawing. They then fold the drawing back so only the new sentence is visible, and pass it on for another drawing. You stop when the you get your own drawing/sentence back, which is probably drastically changed. Then everyone is seized with hysterical laughter as they see what their sentences morphed into. The whole game can be a little mentally exhausting. I haven’t done more than two rounds back to back, because we were all a little pooped afterwards. But it’s so fun to see what crazy sentence or drawing is coming your way, and the ultimate payoff is pouring over every sheet of paper at the end. I recommend switching the direction you pass the papers on the second round so you get a different person’s perspective. Below is one of the results. It morphed from “That rug really tied the room together” (movie quote alert!) to “The sun made me happy until it made me sad and full of zits.”