I looked at forum posts and comments on Massively this week while making my decision about whether I should invest $239 into Star Trek Online up front. STO seems to be a very divisive topic among MMO players, especially since there’s apparently a lot of anger at Cryptic over their handling of Champions Online. I admit, I know very little about CO and why people are angry. I DO know that it only came out four months ago, and it makes me wonder what shape World of Warcraft was in four months after launch. I also know that while the business is still overseen by the same people, STO and CO have different development teams. Now to my reasons for pulling the trigger one hour before headstart of STO and buying the lifetime sub.

1) Playing open beta made me giddy. It was just plain FUN. I know many disagree and don’t find it fun. I do. And that probably has a lot to do a lot with my second reason:

2) I love the Star Trek universe. And now I get to occupy it. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

3) I want the extras – playable Borg and two extra character slots. I admit this may not be the best of reasons – it’s possible these will be available to everyone at some future date. (Although I didn’t look at the forums about this to see if the team made any declarations one way or the other.) I just want them. Now. Gimme.

4) I’ve been anxious to get into a sci-fi MMO. I was disappointed when Blizzard announced that Starcraft was not the IP for their next MMO (although I know they have good reasons for that.) Star Wars Old Republic will be another year. And besides, that’s not REALLY sci-fi. Jedi force powers, while very cool, are magic. STO is all about how to best use the technology you have available to you, and I’m very excited to explore that more.

5) I’m still playing WoW, and I don’t have a lot of time in general to game. Wait, what? How is that a reason to buy a lifetime subscription to another time-consuming game? Well that’s just the thing. It’s gonna take me a while to get to end game. And now I have a lifetime sub and don’t have to worry that maybe I shouldn’t have paid $15 for that one month I didn’t get to play very much. (Like, um, when Cataclysm comes out…) It takes some of the stress away and I can just relax and enjoy the game at my own very casual pace.

Ok, that’s it. To those of you who preordered STO – Happy Headstart Day!