Goodbye, old site design! Goodbye, old logo! Goodbye, vast sea of bright blue and round corners uncomfortably close to straight corners. Goodbye, Bertram font, which I saw on the back of a sign company truck in South Carolina. Goodbye, lots of white space doing nothing underneath the comic. Goodbye, having to scroll to see the blog.


Well, now that we’ve said our goodbyes, welcome to the new site design! I really hope you like it. I at least hope you don’t hate it. I know change can be hard, but it was time. We’ll get used to the new design in no time. I still have some tinkering to do. For the life of me I cannot change the font for the blog post headings. (If any WordPress/ComicPress users out there know the ID for it, please post in the comments.) I keep doing what seems obvious, and yet it doesn’t change. I’ll get there. Also, I’ll be adding some stuff to the sidebar on the right. And making the link text in the blog posts show up. And…and…and…

Oh! So one pretty new thing you’ll notice is that the blog post for the comic isn’t on the front page anymore. I think a lot of people were missing the blog, and this brings it up higher. To go to the comic blog post, click on the comic title on the top left or on the comments button just below the comic.

Thanks to Phil Frumph for helping me yesterday with some code stuff. And thanks to all the devs of ComicPress and WordPress. They make it so I don’t have to stare at php too much, which would result in my eyes bleeding and slowly falling out of their sockets and getting squished on the dirty floor. Gross.

UPDATE: Chrome and possibly other browsers cache the old images, so it can look..strange. Just reloading should work.

Also, the area under the comic is kinda crazy in IE8 and Safari. Maybe other browsers too? I’m trying to get it to look like this, with the social icons all in a horizontal row, and the navigation centered:

npc-undercomic-screencapI’ll get to it, but tacos are on their way to me RIGHT NOW, and Star Trek online finally downloaded, and then someone is coming to play Dominion, so….it might not get fixed right away. 😉 Sorry!

UPDATE (another one!): Thanks to the helpful CSS fairy who left advice and code in the comments, the navigation should be centered, and the post font changed. I took the random button out because I can’t get it to work with the WP Super Cache plugin. But once I figure that out I’ll put it back in.