NPChloe is the weekly inward musings of one pensive and game-loving feline, Chloe. The words and art below have been ripped directly from her diary and spread out on the internets here for all to see.

bink-chloe-kittensA lot’s been going on here. Too much really, between zombie chickens and Bink getting fat. Too many changes, too fast for this poor kitty! So I tried to remember the good ol’ days. Back when Bink and I were cute little puffs of kittenhood. We were always the center of attention back then. Everybody cooed at us, wanted to play with us, take pictures of us, cuddle us…. All that has gradually fallen away as we’ve grown into cathood. Now we’re not special. We’re just cats. Sure, we play World of Warcraft, but that doesn’t impress anyone these days. And that stupid piano cat stole all my keyboard-playing thunder. Anyway, I drew a portrait of how I remember us as kittens. I think I captured the cuteness.