Sounds like a few of you out there enjoy table tops games, so I figured I’d bring this to your attention: If you make a donation to a Haiti relief fund, you can send BoardGameGeek your username and proof of donation and they’ll give you the equivalent amount in Geek Gold. What’s Geek Gold? That’s a good question. It’s essentially a virtual currency that allows you to get more out of the Board Game Geek website and community. You can spend it on avatars, auctions, and entries into contests among other things. Sure, it’s not amazing, but it’s a fun way to build the community, and by matching donations in Geek Gold, Board Game Geek is encouraging users of their site to support the relief efforts in Haiti.

You can find out more about their Hatian Relief Support Drive here, and answer all your GeekGold questions here. They’re already up to $31,636, as of the time of this post!