npchloe_cupcakecatNPChloe is the weekly inward musings of one pensive and game-loving feline, Chloe. The words and art below have been ripped directly from her diary and spread out on the internets here for all to see.

So far the new year has been going surprisingly well. Now that we’re not running the Dungeon Finder constantly, I’m finally getting some naps in. But there is something troubling me. We’ve been giving Lisa lessons in the ways of her Shadow Priest, and, well, they’re going terribly. She’s really set in her roguish ways. We’ve tried all sorts of different teaching methods, but nothing is working. Bink doesn’t seem to understand why I even care at all. Maybe he’s right. Maybe I should just focus on our prize chicken hearts. I was embarrassed to admit to him that I actually want her to do well. But look, a job worth doing is worth doing well! What kind of cat would I be if I phoned it in? Not to mention the embarrassment of having a human who’s so terrible at WoW.
Speaking of my human, she’s mildly obsessed with cupcakes. She has quite a collection of cupcake art on the walls. It’s kind of disgusting really. They’re nothing but sugar and flour. All carbs! Bleh. I don’t know how humans can stand to eat such things, let alone consider them tasty or special in anyway. But I have to admit that they do look kind of adorable. And so I was inspired to draw one as a cat. I think it turned out well.