iphoneSS_bejeweledHelp me.

I can’t stop. It’s just there, on my phone, and I have to have my phone! Can’t throw it in the toilet. It’s an iPhone too, so I threw some cash down for that thing. Oh, what’s that? Just delete the app, you say? Well, I’ve tried that. And as my finger gets closer to that little ‘x’ something takes over me. I push the home button, launch Bejeweled, and play.

Before this it was Solitaire and before that it was Word Play Online. Little games that taunt me, that whisper to me: “Mary, you don’t have an hour to sit down and play World of Warcraft. But you have a minute. You have one little minute to play me right now. And you won’t waste time, because you’ll only play me once. Then you’ll put me down and pick up your Kindle and start reading that book you’ve been meaning to finish. You won’t keep playing me again and again until you’re a bloodshot-eyed insomniac mess. Promise.”

These games lie to me. And they’re actually one of the reasons I got a Kindle. I wanted to go all ebook, but was determined to read on my iPhone. But it was too easy to pick up the phone to read, and wind up playing some little game over and over and put off the reading. Now with my Kindle I at least have one more barrier – I have to PUT DOWN THE KINDLE AND PICK UP THE IPHONE. So much work, right? Well Bejeweled has broken that barrier. Bejeweled doesn’t even let me pick up Kindle in the first place. It doesn’t whisper to me – it cries out, yells, screams at me to play it.

This has only been going on for a week. I finally grabbed Bejeweled 2 for $2.99 after entering the codes for my Christmas iTunes gift cards. I only play Blitz. Blitz is the one-minute-see-how-high-you-can-score mode.

I’m going to tell you my score. Ready? Ok. Here iphoneSS_wordplaygoes. My highest score is…..


I’m doing something wrong, right? Not high enough, right? I connected via Facebook so I could see my friends’ scores, and it looks like only one other friend plays. Her score is 378,850. How can I possibly achieve this??? What’s wrong with me? I’m so tempted to look up how to score high, but then I’d be meta-gaming a casual game, and I just can’t have that.

Well I bared my soul to you. My bejeweled soul. At least it’s not bedazzled. I have to go get some work done. *picks up iPhone…..*