NPChloe is the weekly inward musings of one pensive and game-loving feline, Chloe. The words and art below have been ripped directly from her diary and spread out on the internets here for all to see.

Self PortraitI must say that I’m very excited for the new year. But I found it curious that when I asked everyone what they thought 2010 would bring, they all said something technology related. I suppose on the one hand this makes some sense. Technology is related to change, to progress, to the future. But can’t we also look forward to more naps? More playful romps down the hallway? More tasty snacks?
Of course, I can’t lie. While I may not care about Kindles or iPhones, gadgets or gizmos, I must admit that I’m very much looking forward to the release of Cataclysm. Cat-aclysm. I wonder if Deathwing is actually of feline descent?
I am also very much looking forward to improving my music. For the Two Blue Cats Cast, but also for myself. Podcast intros are great, but I want to compose entire songs! Sadly, it’s a little difficult to be proficient in piano playing when I have feline paws with no opposable thumbs. Perhaps I shall someday have to turn to technology to solve that problem for me…
I made a self portrait. Maybe I should also resolve to improve my artistic skill this year.