The Wrath World Event took place about a year and one week ago. Rumors were afoot that the Lich King was attacking Orgimmar every 20 minutes. My fellow Alliance players on Lothar scrambled to Stormwind, congregated at the harbor and waited for the fun. And waited….and waited….and checked (not yet named….wondered why Orgrimmar was getting all the fun. Occasionally we’d talk to Varian Wynn, who had relocated to a tent at the harbor. Finally, the Frost Wyrms and Aboms descended! Well, as you can imagine, the lag was insane. My fps was probably a big fat ONE. I targeted something when I could, and hitting the autoattack button was about all I could manage. Mostly I just tried to run around and see what I could, taking screenshots like the ones below.
I love world events like that. I can’t wait for the Cataclysm one. What do you think it’ll be? Deathwing’s dragon minions rising up from the ground? And where? Oooooooh, can’t wait!