I keep having an internal dialogue with myself that goes something like this: “Ooooooh so excited for Cataclysm! It looks so awesome and I can’t wait to try a goblin and worgen and play through the new old world and see what archaeology and Path of the Titans are all about! Aww, too bad it won’t be out for a year probably. I wish I didn’t know about it at all.  Guess I’ll go fish.  Ugh, this is boring, and it’ll be better in Cataclysm.  Stupid Cataclysm, ruining my enjoyment of the game now. I don’t even care about Arthas anymore. I just want to get to Deathwing. I wish they didn’t announce Cataclysm yet!!!”

I am, of course, glad that I know about Cataclysm. I admit that I still enjoy the game quite a bit, and I’m very glad I have enough forewarning that I can make sure I experience any old world content I never got to before it becomes forever changed.  But still, it takes a little something out of my game experience.  I kind of wish that all they told us at Blizz Con was that the next expansion will change the old world forever.  Then wait until after the 3.3 Icecrown release to give us all the juicy details. I know that isn’t really feasible, since Blizz Con is all about hype, and it makes sense for them to announce what they already know then.  What do you guys think? Does the timing of the Cataclysm announcement affect how you enjoy the game now at all, for good or for bad? Are you still pumped to take on the Lich King in 3.3?