I have very little experience with Dungeons and Dragons or other table top RPGs, but I couldn’t resist getting these beautiful cat’s eye dice at GenCon this summer. GenCon, for the uninitiated, is a huge table-top gaming convention held in Indianapolis every August. It holds all things D&D, RPG, card games, board games, and more. And the thing to buy there, if you only buy one thing, is a dice set. My first dice set ever. I still haven’t had the chance to use them yet, and I’m not sure when I will. Between work, making the comic, more work, and spending time with those I care about, I have a hard time committing to a regular World of Warcraft raid group let alone a Dungeons and Dragons group. Hopefully it’ll work out someday.
I played it once, with some good friends (two of whom were our old guild leaders in WoW), but we only did one session and didn’t get very far. I was newly hooked on WoW at the time, and D&D seemed a little dull in comparison. I kept wanting to sneak away and kill some stuff while we figured out math at the table. Of course I was a halfling thief, the closest I could get to my gnome rogue in WoW, both of whom are inspired by my secret desire to be a female Bilbo Baggins. But I really have an itch to try it again, now that the initial WoW addiction has mellowed and I’ve had great times playing board games with the boyfriend and had a great game-filled weekend at GenCon. Any NPC readers out there play D&D or other tabletop roleplaying games?