I heard it last night on Twitter. For thirty real world bucks, you can turn your stout female dwarf into a beautiful slender blood elf, or your giant tauren warrior into an adorable little gnome.
I’m really curious about where the dust is going to settle after the flurry of initial faction changes. I can only assume that most faction changes will be from Alliance to Horde. Am I wrong? It seems like a lot of people make Ally toons when they start out, then they either stay Ally because their friends are there or they’re so invested in the character. Then they hear about how cool the Horde are, but they’re stuck. I have no evidence of this. I’m only led to believe it from my own limited experiences, the podcast community chatter, the hearty Horde warcries at Blizzcon, and the “For the Horde” nod on TNT’s Leverage. It just seems like the Horde are the cool kids and the Allies are the goody goodies.
But I hope I’m wrong. Because Fenwick the gnome rogue is staying where she is. The only possibility of her changing I could foresee is a bizarre engineering accident transforming her into a goblin. But you know, her engineering isn’t THAT bad. And when I play a goblin, it’s gonna be from the starting zone we’ve been hearing so much about.
Mike Schramm over on WoW.com wrote a piece about this, with polls. I urge everyone to go take them, so we can get a better handle on the population shifts.