A lot has been going on in the gaming website world! Or maybe a lot is always going on, and I’m just noticing it this week.
Crispy Gamer’s Editor-in-Chief John Keefer recently started a biweekly column about his experiences in World of Warcraft. It’s good to see an overall game site cover WoW. Would love to see more MMO coverage from them in the future. They’re a great site – they don’t take any advertising dollars from game publishers, and a lot of their articles have a very personal feel. You can check out John’s first two columns here and here.
In other news, Gaming Angels just relaunched with a great new design. Not just a game site, GA is a place where women can go for all kinds of geek culture – and not say ‘Huh, everything here is written by a guy.” – an all too often occurrence when visiting most gaming sites these days. I’m looking forward to visiting GA regularly.
And lastly, as I’m sure anyone who reads my comic already knows, WoW Insider is now WoW.com! Not only did they acquire the coveted domain and redesign their site, they also added a social networking feature that’s supposed to integrate with the Armory and even WoW itself with an addon! From the looks of it they have a lot to work on (it’s in Beta and they want our feedback), but I’m excited and I hope it takes off. One thing I’m wondering is how many people are going to use their real name as their profile name? I’ll probably use mine, because I’m all about being out in the open. I just hope I’m not the only one. Love to hear your thoughts.